Tulsi Bose was the boyhood friend of Parmahansa Yogananda. Paramhansa Yogananda would often come to Tulsi Bose’s home to meditate when his own home was too busy or too noisy.

In Master's words "It has not been quiet here at home, with so many children running all over the place, and guests always coming. I've found it disturbing not to have time for solitude and meditation. One day I cried to Divine Mother Kali, "Please give me one good, devoted friend with a quiet home where I can be more with You." Later, I was walking down the street, near our house when suddenly I went into a trance. In vision, I saw a young man about my own age playing in front of what seemed to be his family home. Divine Mother said to me "That boy is a good devotee, and loves me very much. You will get all the help you want from him and his family." Hearing these words, my eyes filled with tears. Mentally I bowed at her feet, thanking Her for Her love for me. It was soon after that we met. "

Tulsi Bose Shrine is a five-minute walk from Paramhansa Yogananda’s house on 4 Garpar road. The Shrine is often called a seed because it is where Paramhansa Yogananda started his very first school. He also began teaching people meditation on this property in an organized way. It truly is where his worldwide work began.

Many saints have visited this house including Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Anandamoyi Ma, Swami Kriyananda, and Swami Atmananda. Many visitors feel the lasting presence of so many saints that have spent time here.

Hassi Mukherjee was the daughter of Tulsi Bose. When Master returned to India in 1935, he stayed with Tulsi and Martan Ma in their home. He blessed the child in Martan Ma's womb, saying "This child will be a girl, and will be very devoted." He gave Martan Ma an apple "for the baby", whose name was Hassi, which means Laughter. She was a dear friend to many Ananda devotees. To learn more about her life read this beautiful blog (here)

Swami Kriyananda was a dear friend to her family and he would speak to Hassi Ma in pure Bengali. “Their love for Guru was so high that no matter whatever was the starting point of their conversations, they would always end up with talking about their Guru and his teachings,” says her son Manash who witnessed many of these Satsangs. They would often get together over meals, discuss at length, the Guru’s favourite vegetable, sweets , recipes, teachings, conversations and more. Their lives revolved around the Guru who was their centre.

In the final months of Swami Kriyananda’s life, he requested Ananda Sangha to purchase this house. With the passing of Hassi Mukherjee, the house came completely under Ananda’s care. Hassi Maa spent many years of her life showing people the Tulsi Bose Shrine and making all who visited feel very welcome. We continue in her spirit to serve all pilgrims who come to feel the holy vibrations and see the sacred artefacts.

Sacred Relics

The Shrine holds several relics, including the Trident Which came from Mahavatar Babaji, Beds used by Master and Sri Yukteshwar, Kriya Maala of Tulsi Bose, Padukas of Swami Atmananda and many more.

If you go to places where masters have lived, the vibrations there will quicken your realization. That is the value of pilgrimages to holy places. The masters’ divine vibrations are still there, just as strong as when they were physically present. Those who are in tune will feel that presence. But first, one has to meditate and prepare himself.Paramhansa Yogananda

An Invitation!

By Master’s grace, we have been able to take forward the renovation and restoration work at the shrine. We now have an overnight guest staying facility with basic amenities in place and a full-time caretaker, providing home-cooked food. Many domestic and international devotee guests have started visiting the Shrine since April 2022 and we look forward to serving many more guests. It has been a blessing for us in Kolkata. We hope that you too can come and visit us soon!

Master's home and many of the other sacred places mentioned in his Autobiography, such as the home of The Levitating Saint, Master Mahashaya and so on are within walking distance of the Shrine. Pilgrimages to Serampore and Dakshineshwar can be covered easily in a day from here. Ananda devotees in Kolkata help our guests in arranging a safe and comfortable pilgrimage to these sacred places. When the situation permits, local devotees also accompany our guests.

The Shrine is maintained by generous donations from devotees worldwide. It helps us immensely in the upkeep of the Shrine and in serving many God-thirsty souls. If you would like to support us, you can make a donation here:

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International Payments

For bookings at the Shrine or any queries, you can email us at: gurupriya@anandaindia.org