March 2021

March is a power packed month for aspiring as well as advanced yogis as we meditate and pray on the occasions of the Great Mahasamadhis of Param Gurudeva Swami Shri Yukteswar Giriji and Gurudeva Paramhansa Yoganandaji. And then, there was the charged night of MahaShivratri! The atmosphere is filled with Divine power and vibrations. Haven’t we all felt it!

Here is our Ananda Sangha Kolkata March 2021 Newsletter offering. This month we have Sri Tarun Kumar Ganguly in the devotee speak section.

A special section on Ananda Yoga and other carefully curated contents have been put together by the Newsletter team. Enjoy, share with others and we would love to know how you like this issue!

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February 2021

It is with immense joy that we share with you our February Newsletter and our theme for this month is Divine Love💖

We have new sections in the presentation, and the one that we love the most is Devotee Speak. In this section, we will feature notes from a devotee’s sacred journey, and this month we have Ratna Raychoudhury sharing with us some precious insights and wisdom.

Do tune in, share the joy, tell us your feelings. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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January 2021

Ananda Sangha Kolkata is delighted to present to you our very first Newsletter. It has been a prayer and a wish to share further with you our beloved Master’s teachings. And what better occasion than Master’s Birthday and the conjunction of a New Year and also a New Decade!

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