December 2021

Feliz Navidad!

Oh what a joy it is to greet you dear gurubhais on this momentous occasion celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And Nayaswami Devi ji so beautifully illumines that “Christmas is a time to celebrate the consciousness of a great spiritual master who came to this world.” So this Christmas, as sādhakas, come let us tune into our master Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings on how to channel the spiritual power of Christmas, within. Amen!

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November 2021

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can feel. It is an aspect of divine, unconditional love, one of the best feelings in the world. It allows us to grow faster spiritually by making us more loving and helps us to release the grips of ego and separation. Similar to selfless service, true gratitude can only be practiced from the heart, bringing us closer to our true nature of unconditional love.’ ~ Friends, here is presenting the bubble of divine light that is our November Newsletter. An ode to the Light, to the sacred space in the heart ~ of Light, Love and Gratitude.

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October 2021

“Sharad Shubhechha” (Autumnal Greetings) to our very dear Gurubhais! It is that time of the year when the people of Bengal are all awake and ready to welcome Goddess Durga to our hearth and home. And the weather couldn’t be any better in this hot and humid tropical land with the Sun on his southward journey. The skies are a deep blue, the grass green, the
kans grass’ white feathery efflorescence swaying in the breeze in Bengal’s countryside, the granaries full after a bountiful harvest, the sweet smell of the shiuli infusing the autumnal breeze with its headiness, a picture of quiet…fulfillment, peace and plenitude. The city toodecks itself up with humongous billboards announcing the coming of Maa Durga with Herchildren and their vehicles with much fanfare.

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September 2021

As September weaves its way through rain and shine, our minds have turned to Lahiri Mahasaya, the Paramguru of our beloved Gurudev, as in this month we commemorate both his birth and mahasamadhi on September 30 and 26, respectively.

We are happy to share with you the September 2021 issue of our monthly newsletter which is dedicated to the sacred presence of Lahiri Mahasaya.

Do tune in, share the joy and tell us your feelings. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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August 2021

August being the month of independence, the issue is dedicated to the theme of ‘Inner Freedom’.

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July 2021

We hope the beloved monsoon has rejuvenated spirits and aspirations alike! With renewed zest we welcome you all to our July 2021 issue of our Newsletter.

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June 2021

Don’t we all eagerly wait for the monsoons to strike India — the rumble of the clouds, a streak of lightning flashing across overcast skies, maybe a peacock spreading its plume in joyous anticipation, and then the sudden downpour — after the hot and searing summer months? The monsoon rains quench a perched soil, the paddy fields are flooded and the main rice crop is planted. In the olden days, world renouncers – who ordinarily moved from place to place avoiding attachments of a settled life – would spend the monsoon months in one place following the ancient practice common to both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The roads were bad and the rivers flooded. This was the time to observe the rainy season retreat called the chaturmasa or the four-months retreat.

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May 2021

It has been an unprecedented time of crisis and suffering. Our heart’s prayers are united in sharing God’s healing light to everyone who has been affected by this tragic turn of events. We pray and are also comforted to know that our Gurus are ever shielding us with their protective light and love. Our sincere gratitude and humble prayers for all that we are continually blessed with.

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April 2021

It’s Spring, and as Mother Nature begins a new cycle of growth and showers on us her infinite abundance, let us reattune ourselves to our Gurus sacred teachings and make this a season of inner growth and expansion.

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March 2021

March is a power packed month for aspiring as well as advanced yogis as we meditate and pray on the occasions of the Great Mahasamadhis of Param Gurudeva Swami Shri Yukteswar Giriji and Gurudeva Paramhansa Yoganandaji. And then, there was the charged night of MahaShivratri! The atmosphere is filled with Divine power and vibrations. Haven’t we all felt it!

Here is our Ananda Sangha Kolkata March 2021 Newsletter offering. This month we have Sri Tarun Kumar Ganguly in the devotee speak section.

A special section on Ananda Yoga and other carefully curated contents have been put together by the Newsletter team. Enjoy, share with others and we would love to know how you like this issue!

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February 2021

It is with immense joy that we share with you our February Newsletter and our theme for this month is Divine Love!

We have new sections in the presentation, and the one that we love the most is Devotee Speak. In this section, we will feature notes from a devotee’s sacred journey, and this month we have Ratna Raychoudhury sharing with us some precious insights and wisdom.

Do tune in, share the joy, tell us your feelings. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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January 2021

Ananda Sangha Kolkata is delighted to present to you our very first Newsletter. It has been a prayer and a wish to share further with you our beloved Master’s teachings. And what better occasion than Master’s Birthday and the conjunction of a New Year and also a New Decade!

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