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A cooperative spiritual community dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, founded by his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. In joy we live!

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  • Watch Brahmchari Jemal’s latest discourse at Kolkata on the topic ‘How to Love and Be Loved’ and other old satsang / webinars / discourses on our YouTube Channel AnandaKolkata.

  • Watch other Satsang webinars conducted by Ananda India. Please visit Ananda India Online.

  • Listen to inspirational and uplifting music. Tune in to Radio Ananda.

  • Swami Kriyananda

    Treasures Along the Path – Complimentary Talk Collection of Swami Kriyananda: Tools for World Challenges

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Photo Gallery
  • Altar at Ananda Kolkata

  • Master’s Birthday Celebration on 5th Jan 2020 at Tulsi Bose Shrine

  • Mahashivratri with Jaydev and Gurubhais from Ananda Assisi, 21st Feb’20
  • Pure Bliss in Kirtan with Gurubhais from Ananda Assisi in TBS, 18th Feb’20
  • Workshop on Healing power of Sound Mantra and Sacred Music by Dhuti Elizabeth Johnson, 13th – 17th Feb’20
  • Kriya Initiation at Ananda Kolkata Dec 2019
  • Giulia from Ananda Assisi visited Tulsi Bose Shrine on 6th Feb 2020

  • Stephanie and Martin from Germany visit Tulsi Bose Shrine on 26th Jan 2020
  • Christina from Ananda Assisi visits Tulsi Bose Shrine 6th Jan 2020
  • Satsang in Tulsi Bose Shrine on 26th Jan 2020
  • Festival of Light Celibration 15th Dec 2019
  • Nayaswami Devarshi & Brahmachari Jemal gave a discourse on ‘How to be a better person and a positive influence’ on 15th Dec 2019
  • Level 1 Class taken by Brahmachari Jemal on 15th Dec 2019
  • Level 1 Bengali Class on 15th Dec 2019
  • Meditation Session on 15th Dec 2019
  • Choir Performance on ‘Dare to be Different’ and Bengali song ‘Amar sadh na mitilo’ on 15th Dec 2019
  • Satsang Discourse by Brahmachari Vineet on ‘Living in the presence of God’ on 15th Dec 2019
  • Narayani & Shurjo visits Tulsi Bose Shrine in Feb 2018
  • Satsang & Kirtan in Tulsi Bose Shrine