Chanting has the power to transform and uplift the soul, and to open the heart. Most chants are simple to learn, so you’ll be able to join in easily your first time.  Please check our website often to see when the next kirtan will be offered.

This is an excellent event for beginning meditators. We usually do a few chants, and then meditate five or ten minutes, and then chant again…. so it is an easy way to build your meditation practice while also opening the heart and experiencing the joy of the soul.

The chants we sing are mostly from Swami Kriyananda or Paramhansa Yogananda. Some chants are in English, as well as some in Hindi, Bengali, or Sanskrit, usually accompanied by harmonium.  All are welcome.

Here is a link to a wonderful blogspot by Dambara, an Ananda member has recorded many chants and invocations,in both video and mp3 format.

Below are some simple songs you can learn on harmonium. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us using our contact form

Receive Me on Thy Lap oh Mother – a chant of Yoganandaji’s in English and Bengali

From Joy I came – a beautiful chant of Swami Kriyananda from Yoganandaji’s poem Samadhi