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Jai Guru Dear Friends!

We have a sewa day every wednesday at the Tulsi Bose Shrine, from 12 PM – 6 PM. You can visit, meditate, see the spiritual artefacts and photographs of Master.

Tulsi Bose was the boyhood friend of Parmahansa Yogananda. Paramhansa Yogananda would often come to Tulsi Bose’s home to meditate when his own home was too busy or too noisy.

In Master’s words “It has not been quiet here at home, with so many children running all over the place, and guests always coming. I’ve found it disturbing not to have time for solitude and meditation. One day I cried to Divine Mother Kali, “Please give me one good, devoted friend with a quiet home where I can be more with You.” Later, I was walking down the street, near our house when suddenly I went into a trance. In vision, I saw a young man about my own age playing in front of what seemed to be his family home. Divine Mother said to me “That boy is a good devotee, and loves me very much. You will get all the help you want from him and his family.” Hearing these words, my eyes filled with tears. Mentally I bowed at her feet, thanking Her for Her love for me. It was soon after that we met.