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Meditation, as taught by the great Masters, is a great way to stay inward and peaceful under any circumstances. It is a deeply healing tool as well, at your disposal in all moments, a tool that instantly raises one’s vibration, life force, praana.
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*Why Meditate & What is Meditation
*Correct Meditation Posture
*The Hong-Sau technique of Meditation (Theory & Practice)
*How the Divine is Experienced
*Applying Spiritual Teachings in Daily Life
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For those interested in the sacred Kriya Yoga technique extolled in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, this class may also be the first step in a series of sessions that culminate into Kriya Yoga.

Both types of seekers – those who want to receive Kriya Yoga and those who only wish to learn how to meditate – will benefit from this workshop.

Tens of thousands of students worldwide have benefited from these classes over the past 60 years.

[x_icon_list_item type=”500px”]About the mentors:

Anil is a banker by profession. He is a practicing Kriyaban and a long time meditator. Currently, he is the center leader of Ananda Sangha Kolkata and has been instrumental in leading the Kolkata chapter to many of its milestones in the first decade of its journey.

Dithi is a visual artist, working independently out of her studio. She has found the practices as taught in Ananda deeply transformative and feels that the expanded consciousness that is a gift of these tools deeply enriches her life experience at all levels. She is inspired to share this light with all that seek it.