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One of the much anticipated courses in our basket of Ananda Kolkata offerings, i.e., Ananda Yoga is finally here!

Classes will be online through zoom on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Link will be shared with all those who register.

Price for one month subscription is Rs.1000.
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Please use the discount code : SPRINGJOY1 for this 1 month sub.

Price for three months subscription is Rs.3000. A discount of Rs.500 is available. Avail it till it lasts.
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Please use the discount code : SPRINGJOY3 for this 3 month sub.

The mentor for these sessions will be Kavitha Shekhar. Kavitha is a Kriyaban and lives in Singapore. Kavitha’s life-long quest to heal an inner void led to a series of intense spiritual awakenings. These stripped her off her limited notions of self. In 2018, Kavitha bid farewell to her corporate life and answered a deeper calling to serve. In line with this calling, she took certifications in Ananda Yoga, Ananda Restorative Yoga and Ananda Spiritual Counselling, and various healing modalities to name a few.

Kavitha’s cheerful and calm persona makes interactions with her memorable and inspiring. She weaves her vibrant life-transformational experiences into practical anecdotes for simple living.

In her spare time, Kavitha enjoys writing essays, poetry and songs about her connection with the Divine and the ever-unfolding Consciousness. She holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Wales and has worked with hospitals, leading healthcare publications and academic institutions in Scotland and Singapore.


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