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This year the 2021 all-day Christmas meditation online is Sunday Dec. 19.

Dr. Lewis, one of Paramahansaji’s very first disciples, met him on Christmas Eve, 1920

(excerpts)—Christmas has always been a special time in SRF. . .Doctor loved the all day meditations and after Master’s passing for the rest of his life he conducted that meditation wherever the monks wanted it…Doctor always encouraged devotees to attend that special day, especially if they were hesitant, never having sat that long before. He told them that on that special day they burned out the darkness and delusion of incarnations. Doctor was blessed on that day by seeing the Eyes of Christ.

One of the great milestones at Christmas was in l958 when Doctor Lewis was hosting the monks upstairs in the café above India Hall. After the proceeding began, Doctor stood up and told the monks that Sister Daya (as she was called then) told him to tell the monks of an experience that he had out on the desert.

Doctor said that it was on May 1st of that year in the small hours of the morning after a nighttime of meditation that suddenly God showed him His Great Face. He went on to say that it took him 38 years and he never missed a daily meditation. This experience is beyond description for it is beyond the spiritual eye, the thousand petal lotus and the sun of righteousness. It is axiomatic that no one could describe this great experience until they themselves had the experience. The experience meant that Doctor had achieved liberation; liberation from all karma. ….