Jodi Gokulochondro..


Jodi Gokulochondro Broje na elo

If Gokulochondro (Krishna) does not come to me

Shokhi go..

Dear friend (shokhi refers to a woman’s female friends)



Amar jeebon morono poroshorotono, kancheri shoman helo

My life and death are equally worthless without Him


Jeebon amar biphole gelo

My life will go in vain

Kono kajei laglo na go

It will be of no use without His presence


Ami gerua  boshona ongete dharibo

I will don the gerua (saffron) robes of a renunciate

Shonkhero kundolo kori

And wear shells as ear rings

Ami jogini hoye jabo shei deshe

Being a yogini, thus, I will go to the land

Jethae nithooro Hari

Where dwells my cruel beloved Hari (cruel is lovingly said as Krishna left Radha forever in Vrindavan & went to Mathura)


De de amaye shajaye de go

Come and dress me in my renunciate robes (appealing to her women friends)

Amar bhushan bhalo laglo na go

I have no use for any fineries, my friends

De de amaye shajaye de go..

Come and dress me (as a yogini)



Ami Mothura nogore, proti ghore ghore, jaibo jogini hoye

I will visit Mathura city, and go from each house to house, as a yogini (looking for Him)


Jodi milaye bidhi, momo guno nidhi

If God unites me with my Love

Bandhibo onchole kori

I will tie Him to the end of my robe

Ami oncholete bendhe anibo

I will bring Him back tied to my robe

Shei choncholo Gobindere

My fleeting Govinda (Krishna)

Oncholete bendhe anibo, Gogulochondro…

I will tie Him and bring him back


Hari bol, Hari bol, Hari bol, Hari bol….

Say the name of Hari (Krishna)


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