Emon din ki hobe Ma Tara


Emon din ki hobe Ma Tara?

Will that day come to me Ma

Jobe Tara Tara Tara bole

When saying Mother dear

Tara beye porbe dhara..

My eyes will flow tears

Emon din ki hobe Ma Tara?

Will that day come to me Ma


Hridipodmo uthbe phute

Heart’s lotus will blossom forth

Moner andhar jabe tute

Darkness will steal away

Tokhon dhora tole porbo lute

Then flinging myself at your feet

Tara bole hobo shara

I will call out your name in deep yearning



Emon din..


Tejibo shob bhedabhed

Wisdom’s lotus will blossom forth (literal translation is ‘I will forsake all differences’)

Ghuche jaabe moneri khed

Darkness will steal away

Ore shoto shoto shoto bed

Hundred Vedas declare

Tara amar nirakara

My Mother is infinite without form


Emon din..


Shri Ramproshad rote

Shri Ramproshad says

Ma biraje shorbo ghote

My Mother everywhere stays

Ore ankhi ondho dekho Ma’ke

Blind eyes..see your Ma

Timire Timirohora..

Hiding everywhere (Literal translation is ‘one who is in the dark but dispels darkness’)


Emon din…



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