Past Event Photo Gallery

24th February Free Public Lecture

The hall was filled to standing room only capacity

The audience experiences a deep meditation

NayaSwami Jayaji giving an inspiring lecture

23rd February Kriya Ceremony

Kriyabans celebrate with new initiates

NayaSwami Jayaji blesses a Kriyaban

26th February Festival of Light

Some of the Ananda Kolkata members that felt the joy of a Festival of Light

Sanchita receives a blessing during the Festival of Light

Level 1 Class

Anil teaches a Level 1 class

Light of God Program

Attendees of the the Light of God program

Cecila and Vivek give blessings

A wonderful time was had by all during Vivek and Cecila’s visit to Kolkata.  A three hour program included chanting Master’s Cosmic Chants, chanting Aum with Master’s voice, meditation, a purification ceremony, affirmations, and a beautiful inspiring talk.



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